Winter Camp in Edale

It may be December but here at Walking The Peaks we’ve not managed to get out camping for a while. Our last trip was a wild camp back in October, and whilst we’ve been out and about walking in the Peak District we’ve struggled to manage an overnighter.

Last night though, my friend Andy and me both had a free window and set aside the evening for a camp. The original plan was to wild camp somewhere, but with the forecast being a little dodgy we fancied the idea of a visit to the pub. So a route was planned – Castleton to Edale and back – and so we set off for Castleton at around 5.30pm.

Castleton is lovely at this time of year, with its famous Christmas lights along the main street. We didn’t hang around though, and we were soon heading up the Hollowford Road out of the village, our initial destination being Hollins Cross on the middle of the Great Ridge. The weather was OK, and we both got warm as we climbed up the path that brought us up to Hollins Cross, which stands at approx 385m. The descent wasn’t quite so easy, with our torches not being able to make out the path at times, but after only an hour and ten we arrived at Fieldhead Campsite in Edale itself. Both Andy and me have some great, lightweight, camping gear, and the tents were soon set up in the empty campsite. After tea, we headed to the Rambler Inn for a pint and then retired to our tents about 11pm.

Surprisingly I slept really well and didn’t wake up until 8.30am. A short breakfast and we were on our way again. Unfortunately I’d had a message to say my daughter was off school ill, so we had to abandon plans to head up onto Rushup Edge and over to Cave Dale. Perhaps that wasn’t so bad though, as the weather soon came in and we got pretty wet as we retraced our steps over Hollins Cross and back to Castleton.

Living where we do, on the outskirts of Sheffield, these ‘micro adventures’ really are worth it. One minute you’re in a meeting in an office, but 4 hours later you can be away from everything, walking in the Peak District. And a quick trip keeps us going, motivates and whilst they might not last long, give that break from day to day life. Hopefully we’ll be out again camping in January but until then, lots of Peak District walks with the kids over Christmas – Upper Lathkildale and Monyash a likely destination. Peak District walking


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