Why We Can Help!

Here at Walking The Peaks, our goal is to help you have a wonderful time in the Peak District. Click here to find out why we can help you, whatever your abilities or hiking experience!

Unsure where to go for a walk in the Peak District, have particular needs or interests, or do you simply need some new ideas on where to hike? For more information about why our walk guides can help YOU, see below! When you're ready to order, simply complete the questionnaire here and we'll be in touch.

New to Walking?

New to Walking?


If you’re new to walking then you’ve come to the right place! Walking can be as easy or as difficult as you like, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  The internet will give you lots of suggestions, but you don’t know for sure that the walks are for you.

And that’s where we can help.

Our walk guides will help give you the confidence to get out there walking in the Peak District. We recommend our Gold Walk Guides, which make things easier for you with their step by step directions, photographs, and general information. And because all our walks are prepared individually for each customer, you can be sure you’re getting a walk suitable for your abilities.

We also know that people enjoy to stop at pubs and cafes, either during or at the end of a walk (or both!). You may want that combining with a river walk, or maybe an easier walk with great views. Well, that’s where we can design you a walk which takes away any uncertainty and gives you the confidence to get out there exploring this fantastic national park.

Frequent Walkers

Frequent Walkers


If you are a regular visitor to an area, it’s very easy to always go to the same part – you know the walks, the cafes, you know it’s an easy day out and one you’ll enjoy. But to do so means you might be missing out on some hidden gems...and the Peak District has many!

As our walk guides are all developed individually for each customer, we can give you a ‘different perspective on a familiar place’, helping you find out more about the Peak District and enjoy visiting some different places.

Here at Walking The Peaks we’ve often surprised ourselves in that something that doesn’t look much on the map turns out to be pretty outstanding. Only last summer we were out in this wonderful national park and almost accidentally came across a magnificent viewpoint. It gave wonderful views across much of the Peak District. We had a great day and we were then able to include it in a customer’s walk guide. It seems they liked it too as we received the following feedback:

Thanks so much for these walks - we really enjoyed getting off the beaten track into places that we probably would never have known."

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, why not place an order for one of our walk guides?




Here at Walking The Peaks we are parents to two young children. They’ve taught us a lot about what young people enjoy, and we’ve had some fabulous time with them on our family walks in the Peak District.

Their feedback has helped us develop our family walk guides. We take the angst out of a trip into the countryside by developing your family a fun walk with plenty of stops, interesting things to see and do, and usually a few geocaches. Because everything is planned solely for you, we make sure your day out is exactly what you want.

The walk guides are written so the kids can lead the walks, with a route map and step by step directions. Just fill out the questionnaire here and we'll do the rest. The family walk guides cost only £12.50 and will ensure you all have a brilliant day out.

We had some feedback from one of our customers about our family walk guides - they definitely enjoyed themselves:

"Amazing day today. We absolutely loved it. Stunning scenery and a fantastic route. Thank you so much."

The walk guides make a great gift too – perfect for a birthday day out or another special occasion!

Group Walks

Group Walks


We know how difficult it can be planning a walk for a group of people – trust us, we’ve been there! You may have different age groups, different capabilities, and different ideas on what makes for a good walk. It’s not easy, especially if you’re new to the Peak District.

Group walks can take all forms – re-unions, community group days outs, stag or hen do’s, office trips, walking group weekends away.
And this is where we can help.

We’ve got an excellent knowledge of the Peak District and know of the best places to cater for everyone’s needs. So why not let us take the strain out of the hassle of organising (let’s face it, it’s hard enough getting everyone there on the right day!) and get us to plan your walk for you?

Multi Day Walks

Multi-Day Walks


We love getting out into the Peaks for a few days at a time. Waking up in the hills is always great, and we can develop you fantastic multi trips in the Peak District.

With our knowledge of the area, and links with different types of accommodation, we can easily put together a multi-day route of whatever distance, duration, and difficulty that you like. The public transport in the area also allows us to do you a linear walk, rather than a circular one.

We had a customer recently who said that we 'provided exactly what they were looking for', so let us take the strain and plan your multi day walk.