Camping & “Summit To Eat” Review

Camping & “Summit To Eat” Review

Autumn Camping and Summit To Eat Dehydrated Meal Review

My friend Andy and me headed out yesterday for a quick overnight camp in the Peak District. We were also looking forward to trying out our new Summit To eat dehydrated meals, having got them on offer that week. Luckily the forecasted rain  didn't materialise on Saturday  and we had great weather on our walk from Wyedale across to Shallow Grange campsite, just west of Chelmorton.

Our walk took in the lesser walked Sough Top, which gives magnificent views across much of the Peak District. It looks nothing on the map but really is worth visiting. We also called in at the Church Inn at Chelmorton, which is a great pub and definitely one of our favourites in the Peak District.

Arriving at the campsite at around 6.15pm, we were warmly welcomed by the owner and soon had our tents up. And so to our review of Summit To Eat  dehydrated meals.

The Summit To Eat meals come in bright yellow packs. All you need to do is boil some water and pour it into the pouch. Very easy and absolutely no mess which is great. But ultimately it's all about the taste. My chicken fried rice tasted good, a nice variety of vegetables too alongside the chicken. As dehydrated meals go, I thought it was one of the better ones and I'd definitely buy it again.

However, as with other brands I'd recommend you use slightly less water than they indicate. I filled the pouch up to the recommended fill line, yet the meal was a little too watery . One other thing. I am a big chap and the 125g portion size simply isn't big enough. I'd suggest they do bigger sizes as well, maybe 170g.

Today we walked back to Wyedale via Deep Dale and Chee Dale, taking the easier route on the Monsal Trail towards the end.  A great walk, 12 miles over the two days. Remember, if you'd like us to plan some walks for you, then click here!

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