Personalised Walk Guides – How To Order

Placing an order is easy. All you need to do is answer a few questions to help us to plan walks most suitable for your abilities and interests, make your payment and we’ll do the rest! We then send your walks via email for you to view on your phone or print off.

Placing an order is easy. All you need to do is complete the form below which will help us to plan walk(s) most suitable for your abilities and interests.  If you’re uncertain about any of the questions, just choose the most appropriate option and send us more information in the box provided. We’ll then send an invoice for you to pay by debit/credit card and after receiving payment we’ll get planning!

We usually complete an order pretty quickly, but if you need them at short notice, even for the next day,  just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. 

    About You

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    Where will you be based in the Peak District, or where will you be travelling from?
    When are you visiting the Peak District?
    How competent are you at reading a map and navigating?
    Can you use a compass?
    Will you have a GPS or mobile phone to help you find your location?

    About The Walks

    How far would you like to walk?
    Would you like a pub or café stop on your walk?
    What terrain are you comfortable walking on?
    What type of uphill walking are you comfortable with?
    How much uphill are you comfortable with?
    Will you have access to a vehicle?
    Where did you hear about us?

    Walk Guides

    Generally, customers prefer to buy one or more of the same walk guide – for example, 3 Family Walk Guides. Please select from the options below.
    How many Gold Walk Guides do you want us to prepare?
    How many Silver Walk Guides do you want us to prepare?
    How many Family Walk Guides do you want us to prepare?
    If you want something different, please select ‘0’ and add your precise requirements in the box below. We’ll then confirm the price for you.

    Likewise, if you want several walks but of different lengths or difficulty, or you have particular interests that you'd like us to accommodate in your walks, again let us know in the box below

    If you are buying a family walk guide, it's helpful if you could tell us the age of the children so we can plan the walks accordingly.


    Submit your questionnaire to us by pressing the ‘send’ button below. Upon receiving your order, we will take a look and will email you if we have any questions. We want to make sure we provide you with walks suitable for your requirements.

    We will confirm your order, and the price, in an email complete with a link to make your payment via Paypal. Upon receipt of payment we will start preparing your personalised walks. Please note that you do not need a Paypal account to make your payment – you can simply check out as a ‘guest’ and make your payment via debit or credit card.

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