Short Sunday Walk on Stanage

At this time of year I’m really keen to get out and make the most of the weekend. The evenings are long, the weather can be cold and damp, but fortunately I’ve got the Peak District on my doorstep.

We were keen to get the kids out for a walk, especially as Joe is 4 now and starting to build the strength in his legs to cover a bit more ground and a bit more quickly. So with this in mind, we headed up to Stanage Edge, a great place with easy walking but lots to keep the kids interested (and Emily away from her tablet….)

We didn’t want to walk too far, so our goal was Robin Hood’s Cave, hidden away on the Stanage escarpment. We parked up and after only a little resistance Joe and Emily were soon running off up the clear path in the direction of the edge itself. It only took us ten minutes or so to reach the edge, where the drops are such that you need to keep a close eye on wandering children, but if you keep away from the edge there’s plenty of room for a game of “Rocks” – ie where you’re only allowed to step on the rocks themselves. The kids love playing this and it kept them occupied as we walked the 600m or so along the edge to the cave.

Robin Hood’s Cave is well hidden away and completely inaccessible to those without ropes or a strong head for heights. However, very close by is the Balcony, another small cave approached by a short climb down onto a ledge. You then walk through the cave and onto the balcony, which is a great place for lunch. You’ll need to keep a close eye on children but we were comfortable enough with Joe and Emily.

After this we left the cave and fired up my MSR Pocket Rocket for a hot chocolate, before then retracing our steps to the car via a visit to the bottom of the edge to watch some of the many climbers.

All in all, it was a great 90 minute outing, one which got the kids out and about as well as giving mum and dad some well earned fresh air.

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