Trail Magazine’s #EverestAnywhere Challenge 2018

Trail Magazine’s #EverestAnywhere Challenge 2018

Everest Anywhere

Here at Walking The Peaks, we’re often out and about in the Peak District. We’ve had a bit of slow start in 2018 but will be getting out there more soon with several walks planned. If you need an incentive to get out walking more, then the Trail Magazine Everest Anywhere challenge is for you!

In a nutshell, the idea is that you walk the height of Mount Everest in 2018. Yes, a mammoth 8848m of uphill. It doesn’t matter where you do it, so long as you walk every step. We’ve signed up and we think it’s a great idea to get people out and about. Complete the challenge and you’ll get an ‘I’ve climbed the height of Everest’ Certificate, as well as exclusive offers and competitions.

Everest Anywhere in the Peak District

Of course, if you’re looking for a bit of help and advice about where to go in the Peak District, we can help! We can prepare you walks designed just for you, giving you the confidence to get out there. The Peak District may not be as mountainous as the Himalayas, but it’s surprising just how quickly the ascent adds up.

We’ve got three walks planned this week, all in the Derbyshire Peak District. In just these 3 walks we should be doing about 1000m of the required 8848m for Everest Anywhere, and that’s just in January. We’re going to be doing some preparation for future walk guides in three different parts of the Peaks, including a wild camp in an undisclosed location – we can’t wait. We’ll be posting photos on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

To see what we offer, head to our Walk Guides page. We offer several types of walk guide to help you get out there walking. We’d love to help you reach the 8848m!

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